saving lives through positive arts

The Problem

precision youth power program(pypp)is a program dedicated to saving at risk youth.we develope unique and innovative pre and interventions to foster positive thinking by initiating positive involvement that leads to upward mobility and self empowerment.our precision youth power program pypp is an example of such pre and interventions.we physically go into the most under privelegded neighborhoods in search of our troubled but talented at risk youthand their untapped talents.we bring them from the street corners,gangs,drugs and truancy into our various studios.we rehabilitate them,show them positive experiences through positive hip hop,music,poetry and arts as well as performances.we allow them to earn free studio recording time.all music ,poetry,song,ect must reflect solutions to our social,economic and family plights.each month pypp youth recieve monthly bus passes to get back and forth to school and work.pypp also feeds the youth and their families if they are hungry.they also are taken on field trips to introduce the youth to different cultures and people.this builds social skills and helps them relate to others in the community and outside their communities.our web is 443 872 2931 darren a williams

Plan of Action

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