School In Sudan

The Problem

I live in Danbury, CT, where at our high school an on-going topic of the genocide in Darfur keeps coming up. As a Community Change Project for one of our classes, me and a friend took on the task with Mr. Salem, an administrator, and we began our walk-a-thon to build a school in Darfur. The genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan has been going on for many years. Through this, many communities, jobs, farms, and especially schools have been destroyed. While some students at our school make presentations to raise awareness, we teamed up to raise money to build a school and got everyone involved.

Plan of Action

We worked for about a month on this walk, which is not a lot of time. Tommy and I came up with the idea of a silent auction. We could put baskets on our track and have the walkers bid. Instead of us making the basics we had to ask for help. We went around to a bunch of stores and restaurants in the area and asked for any donations possible. We also went to every club and team in our vast high school to make a basic that could be auctioned. This was a great success, especially in getting more people involved. There was also a number of laps to represent the number of years that Save the Children had been in action. 75 was the lucky number. We had a few people who actually did the 75 laps (equaling 18.75 miles), others walked for 75 minutes instead. It was truly amazing the number of people that attended. We had our National Honor Society working the crafts table. The Asian club made dumplings and Amnesty International had a bake sale. Our National Honor Society sold T-shirts and bracelets. All of the money from all of these clubs went to our cause to build a School in Darfur. At the moment, I don't know how many people I've impacted, but this has definitely impacted me. I am changed because of all the hard work that went into it. Tommy and I worked well together, but it gave us a different outlook on what there is to offer in our school. We have so many opportunities open to us, whereas a lot of other kids around the world don't. I hope that the school that we helped build helps a lot of other kids just like us to learn that they can make a difference.

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