Sea Creature Conservation

The Problem

The oceans are extremely vast and filled with incredible and mysterious creatures. Unfortunately, many of these creatures are endangered or are threatened because of pollution and overfishing. The pollution has become such a problem in our oceans that there is an area, in the ocean, known as "The Great Pacific Garbage Patch." It is about the size of Texas! Not only are sea turtles trying to much of the jellyfish-like trash bags, but other animals are beginning to digest and become tangled in this mess of garbage. Overfishing has also become a large part of the endangerment of sea creatures. In Asia, several sea creatures are being caught and killed for commercial use. Tuna, sharks, sea horses, and many others that are being placed on the endangered list of animals. If these amazing creatures were to become extinct, then the balance of the ocean would become chaotic. In order for other species to be balanced, the other species (that eat other species) must remain alive. It has always been this way and should remain this way.

Plan of Action

My plan of action is to create a program for children (our future generations) to become aware of this problem. I want to inspire others to become involved and educated on the amazing animals of our oceans. Trash should be thrown away in trash cans or re-used at home. Even if you live in the city, trash will always end up in the ocean one way or another. My Take Action project will inspire kids, teens and adults to take action and learn all they can to be able to spread the word and help save our oceans.

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