See How Others Care, Kid?

The Problem

This non-profit orginization was started by Sahina-Lydia Jerome; a fifteen year old girl with big dreams for promoting peace, love, and prosperity around the world. She wanted to help a lot of people in different countries so she founded S.H.O.C.K (See How Others Care, Kid ?). S.H.O.C.K is a group of teenagers around the world (although, mostly in the United States) that also share Sahina's dream of sharing peace and helping to stop poverty in places such as Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Russia, Africa, Afghanistan, and much more. She and her friends will be making and selling all kinds of items items that will go straight to these third world countries. They have a dream, help them make it to become a reality. Call them hippies if you will, but they would like to think of themselves as Leaders.

Plan of Action

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