Sembrando Esperanza

The Problem

Many students and people in our community are unaware of the problems and lack of privileges a disabled person endures. Among the most marginalized of citizens in the United States and other leading industrial nations, a large proportion of disabled are impoverished and unemployed. We want to advocate for the attention to be redirected. No longer should the disabled be discriminated on the basis of medical impairment but attention should now be focused upon changing the social-political issues that underpin disability oppression. In other words, the first step in the liberation of disabled people is a fundamental paradigm shift. The disabled are handicapped by the lack of wheelchair access to public areas, the failure of employers to make materials accessible in alternative formats for the visually impaired, and the intricate administrations that disabled people must navigate in order to obtain vital services like income support and medical services. With further advocacy, we will succeed in gaining support for this cause in our community. We are advocating for the rights of the disabled. We have partnered with the Simón Palacios Intriago Foundation for Disabled People located in a small coastal town of Pedernales, Ecuador. This organization is in the midst of developing their current rehabilitation center; however, they lack the funds to continue the improvements, to train for therapists, and to purchase rehabilitation equipment. We hope to raise funds to aid in their development. And with heavy support, we will influence others to have similar altruistic concerns for worldwide human welfare and development.

Plan of Action

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