Senior Fashion Show

Official Project

The Problem

We were hoping to raise money for our school education funds and to provide to school wit entertainment while doing so. In addition, we were able to use the extra money to buy gifts for the ill children in Metropolitan Hospital on Easter. The children there had to spend their holiday in the hospital, some with their families and some without. It was a horrific visit, seeing such little babies in the hospital, suffering, not knowing when they will be able to enjoy the outdoors again. As for the children whose parents were not there, and have not been there to see them in a while, it was even more heart breaking. Our main objective was to help them to enjoy this day as much as possible.

Plan of Action

Ryan Davis, Dominiqua Griffin, Trinese Davis, and I met everyday during our lunch breaks and talked about what categories of clothing we wanted to perform. Then we started calling places to see which stores would sponser us and provide us with the clothes we were going to model. Then, with the extra money we raised in previous bake sales, we hired professionals from MAC make-up to do our make-ups for that day. In addition, we called Power 105.1 radio station and got them to come and play the music for our event. As for the students who participated in the fashion show, wearing the clothes, they did it volunteeringly. They also met after school practicing their walks and positioning for the fashion show. A week before the event, we posted up posters around the school, presenting the up-coming event. we also had to ask around to see which places in the school would be available for the show to take place and get the permission to hold it there. We set the date to pick up the clothes the day before the show so that the students can have a dress rehersal. The next day we were ready, and had fun. After our first show, it became an annual school tradition. At our graduation from high school, we "passed down the torch" and is waiting for the new seniors to have their fashion show.

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