'Servants in Training'

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The Problem

We are located in Historic Church Hill, in Richmond, Va. This neighborhood has always been represented as a poverty-stricken area. It's in a rebuilding stage now. I also grew up in the heart of Church Hill, but I, along w/ other youth members, was able to overcome many obstacles through the Youth ministry. We're attempting to teach young people to understand and overcome problems that plague teens today by getting out of our comfort zones in an effort to grow mentally, spiritually, and heart-wise. In the city of Richmond, the odds are against the young minority population: the teen pregnancy rate is unnecessarily high, the teen violence and murder rates are just too much, and with a genuine relationship with our creator we can overcome.

Plan of Action

I am going to continue in the footsteps of Youth Pastor Daron Thomas by sewing seeds of my time, my talent, and my treasures. I've been able to help by participating with the Temple of Judah in community-driven projects: in the Thanksgiving Turkey Drive-in feeding the homeless, becoming an available tutor for any student in need, sending care packages to those that are incarcerated, donating 'honor bikes' for honor-students, and season passes for scholar students, hats and gloves to all elementary and middle school students in our poverty-stricken community, car washes, fish-fries,etc. We'll be providing coffee, water, and snacks at voting polls this year in efforts to reopen the Citadel of Hope (a facilitation for the youth ministry and many other projects). My testimony of receiving an academic suspension for a 0.67-gpa, and re-entering 5 years later earning a 3.78-gpa, has inspired atleast 8 of my peers (younger and older) to re-enroll in a college or university this past year. And it was all credited to my relationship w/ God through the ministry I've been receiving for the past 8 years.

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