Sewing Club

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The Problem

I'm the Vice President of Sewing Club, an extracurricular activity at my school started two years ago, run by one of the Consumer Science teachers. Sewing Club is also a charity organziation. Every week, the members of Sewing Club use their artistic talents to create small projects that are then donated to local children's hospitals, mostly to the neo-natal unit. These projects can include teddy bears, snake pillows, and small quilts. Club members are also able to take home certain projects to finish them, which is often done. Last summer, some fellow members and I, took Sewing Club beyond Twinsburg High School's bricked walls. In organization with a fellow charity group with the same goal as us, we organized and completed a quilt-a-thon, completing around thirty quilts in a single day, donated to a local hospital's childrens unit.

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