Sexual Integrity Advocates

The Problem

Sexual Integrity Advocates, or SIA, is a group that was started four years ago, not only to promote and encourage the youth to live purely, but to also educate teenagers on sex. Unlike other organizations this group is made up of teenagers that give talks around the city to other teenagers. I’ve had the opportunity to be one a member of this organization and to give presentations of waiting to have sex until marriage. The whole idea behind SIA is to decrease the occurrence of teen pregnancies, give teenagers self-esteem, and build up a more mature and focused community. Helping teenagers sort through common problems and touching upon subject such as lack of respect in relationships, sexual molestation, dressing modestly with dignity and respect, as well as tips on setting high standards is something that SIA has strived for. This organization has given talks to over 800 teenagers a year equaling to about 3,000 in its fourth year. There’s an average of 10 members in the group, and each member is paired up to give talk about several aspect of chastity and abstinence. The talks given include modesty in dress and behavior, STD’s, Dating, Purity renewed, and How far is too far. The presentation also includes several comical skits that are entertaining yet get students thinking about where they’re headed in their own relationships. Building and preparing teenagers to look for honest and healthy relationships has been something that I’ve always wanted to do. Seeing just how much the media can distort the meaning of love and respect, I wanted to make a difference. By giving talks and presentations I hope to change the recent statistic of having one in every two marriages end in divorce. I feel that our generation has been hit hard and challenged by the problems faced in marriages and the popular belief in hedonism. I strive to try and change that by starting early and talking to my peers, before they enter in very serious relationships. I know that what I say or do may not always very popular, our intentions are counter-cultural, but a change is needed. The new movement of youth is obvious because of the countless encouragement and gratitude I’ve witnessed after ever presentation given. Igniting a new revolution of self-respect and purity among younger generations has been exciting to be a part of and an encouragement to hundreds of teenagers in my community.

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