Shattering the Silence, Stopping the Stigma

The Problem

I am trying to change the way our world looks at the issue of mental health by traveling all over to speak to young people in schools about depression and mental illness. By sharing my story and my struggle with depression, I open young peoples eyes to why we need to start talking and finally stop the stigma that currently surrounds mental health. It is my hope that in doing that, we will be able to change - and save - lives as a result.

Plan of Action

By speaking every year at schools and events, I can look in to the eyes of thousands of young people and tell them that dealing with depression and mental health is okay and that they have nothing to be afraid of. By making a personal connection with kids, I hope to empower them to be able to share their own stories and their own struggles openly, without the fear of ridicule or judgement. Once we move past denial and shame, we can finally seek the help that we need. So many young people die needlessly each year because they would rather commit suicide than break their silence about dealing with mental illness. It's my hope that in speaking at schools, I can change that for one kid and one family.

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