SHI Cacao Business Development in Central America


The Problem

In Belize (and other Central American countries), rural farmers live in destitute poverty while practicing slash-and-burn agriculture, a technique that destroys millions of acres of tropical rainforest every year.

Plan of Action

So far, we have written a comprehensive business plan outlining the market trends for single-origin, organic chocolate and the three steps that need to be taken for Belizean farmers to produce their own chocolate. In the coming months, we hope to personally visit Belize to gain a first-hand understanding of on-the-ground operations. This trip to Belize would solidify our business plan by providing crucial data needed to determine the predicted financial costs and organize the logistics of producing chocolate.

Project Updates

We have been selling chocolate made in-country an Ecuadorian cooperative, Kallari, to raise money for the planting of several acres of cacao in southern Belize.

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