Shiba Inu Rescue Association

The Problem

There are many Shiba Inu accross the US in desperate need of rescue. Many of the dogs we take in are from homes where they have been abused or neglected, from shelters, but most of the Shibas we get are from puppy mills. These Shibas have been used as breeding machines for their entire lives (upwards of 10 years in many cases) so they must be rehabilitated and taught that not all humans will mistreat them. Often they are often riddled with health problems such as epilepsy, bad hips/knees, glaucoma, advanced dental disease, heart murmurs, heart worm and a variety of other parasites.

Plan of Action

I had been involved in rescuing Shibas since 2003 and in January 2008 I started my own rescue organization, Shiba Inu Rescue Association. In our first year we have grown to nearly 15 foster homes, 30+ volunteers, more than 50 dogs rescued and we have spread to include Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michiga, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arizona and Florida. We are a recognized non-profit in Illinois and are well on our way to being recognized as a 501c3.

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