S.H.I.E.L.D. (Students Helping In Educating Leadership and Diversity) located: University Academy CHS in Jersey City, NJ

Official Dosomething.org Project

The Problem

When thinking of change, one should always start with what is within their reach. I believe that focusing on the students in my school is the best place to start change. The one’s who are in trouble the most are minorities. One problem with men of black or Hispanic background is the lack of father figures in their lives. There are some things, in my opinion, that only a male, specifically a father, can teach a young man. I am not going to act as a father, along with my group members, but as I guide, or be a “Big Brother”, if you will, to these young students. Another problem is the lack of community service participation. A lot of students don’t feel as though they can do anything to help or that they can’t make change because they are just one person. If each one of those students come together than the commitment will be greater and the hope will stay alive. On the other hand, a lot of other students don’t take pride in their community because they think that it is not good because they are comparing it to other societies. They never stop to think that other people would love to live where they do; there is always someone in a worse situation than one’s self. My mission is to help students break away from social fears teach young men to become powerful leaders. Also, we will help embrace and respect all cultures. Most of the community service will revolve around different races, so that we recognize them and learn more about it. This will be success, although the effects may not be seen right away because nothing happens immediately, but it is a more realistic, reachable, and important than a lot of other issues.

Plan of Action

The first step that we took to creating this organization was first we tried to bring together people that we thought would be dedicated to the group. The next step was giving everyone roles and talking about our goals and agendas. Next, we started to advertise around the school so that everyone could be notified about the organization. The next step we took finding community service projects and attending them. There were two events that we’ve attended already and there is a long list that has services that we will attend. The next step that we will take will be to actually go around the school and talk to people in the school and convince them to join the group. Sometimes flyers are not good enough to make people join something. The next step will be doing fundraisers and trying to get money and donate most to charities and other places where it is needed. So far we helped the New York City Chapter of the National MS Society raise $2.4 million of their $3 million goal. Also we are going to do a fundraiser and donate about half to one of the hall monitors in our school because his daughter is sick and needs a donation. There is a list of ideas, but the ground work is just finishing up and the services are just beginning.

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