Shonto Prep. School High School ESS Dept. Funding

The Problem

I’m 22 years old and I was elected as one of the new Shonto Preparatory School Board in Shonto, Arizona. I visited the schools, each department as well as the school site administrators. There is one department at the Shonto Preparatory Technology High School’s Exceptional Students Services Department (formal Special Education Department). One of the five issues that I had found was there was no recourse for the staff to help students learn and function on a regular bases. The ESS staff informed that they had to barrow several tables, students’ desks, and there wasn't enough funding to purchase other materials for the high school's ESS Department.

Plan of Action

As Shonto School Board member I will try to find many ways to help find grant fund for the staff also students to utilize everyday in the classroom. In order for students to gain the knowledge plus to succeed the Arizona AIMS statewide test to earn a high school diploma will be a challenge. Not only I want students to succeed in the classroom I want staff to know even if there is no support from the administrative level to have the issue fixed, as a board member I strongly feel that recourse needs to be there for our students. I was elected to help lead our school in a new direction; this is an issue I can’t live with during my term as school board member.

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