Shout Out Againist Smoking

The Problem

Did you know that 1200 people die each day from smoking realted health issues? The English High School club “Shout Out Against Smoking” decided to join with other teens in the battle against teen smoking. With a grant from The Medical Foundation in Boston, students contacted the KICKBUTTS.ORG and planned many activities to make teens aware of the hazards of smoking. First they conducted a survey to find out who smoked and why. The students also researched the school’s smoking policies regarding smoking on school grounds and posted the information. Next they held several contests to promote their cause. EHS students were asked to submit posters about the hazards of smoking to be used for an 18-month calendar or an essay about the affects smoking had on their family or friends. One student designed a power point presentation and poster for a Youth Action Initiative Summit to be held in April. Another student is producing a PSA (Public Service Announcement) for the same purpose. Other students searched for smoking advertisements, and placed smoking facts on them to be posted as a wall of protest against this type of advertisements promoting smoking. Informational flyers were passed out to all staff and students listing books, videos and other resources from our school library and near by clinic. Students regularly scanned local newspapers for articles about smoking and posted them on the Health room’s bulletin board. March 28th was Kick Butts Day 07 – on this day we had KDB T-shirts for students and staff who passed in smoking facts – 100 T-shirts were given out and worn that day. In fact we ran out of the shirts and were pleased we raised $89.00 for the American Cancer Society for Lung Cancer research. For months, we planned and painted a mural with the number 1200 surrounded by 1200 handprints to represent the people who die each day from smoking issues. The mural stops everyone and when they ask what the 1200 means the students feel proud that are able to impact so many people with just a few numbers and words.

Plan of Action

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