Show Me You Care About Kids

The Problem

Child abuse and neglect is an epidemic in our society. On a local level, we endeavor to stem the tide of abuse and neglect by educating and holding accountable parents and youth-serving professionals, reducing stressors in high-stress atmospheres, and empowering young people to own their bodies and say no to hurtful, or violating physical contact.

Plan of Action

We offer parenting classes that help parents control their environments and reduce stress. This aids in the decline of child abuse and neglect. We know from research that sexual predators seek out children who are unaware of their bodies, and lack knowledge of right and wrong touching or contact. Our sexual abuse prevention program has helped 700 people this year stand up against child sexual abuse, and empowered them to protect children in the future. We continue to raise awareness in our community about the devastating effects of child abuse and neglect through our annual Hope Conference each year. We also hold youth empowering events to remind children in our community that they are valuable, and accountable as young adults. Our programs include safety assemblies to reduce preventable accidents among children, drug and alcohol prevention programs and many many more. We plan to execute each program yearly and continue to better our community on the local level.

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