Siamo Anatre

The Problem

Hello my friends and I who have been playing together for almost 3 years now are planning on becoming professional gamers in a game coming out called halo 3 (I am sure you may have heard of it). We are a very tight group and play for several hours a day we didnt really take it seriously until recently but your energy drink has kept us up to keep training now. We were wondering if you could sponsor us in our effort to become the greatest team in Major League Gaming is there site where you will see they have nation wide tournaments all over the USA and have huge turnouts and cash prizes. We are a group who have maintained this friendship over the internet and they are like my best friends Jay a puerto rican from the Bronx and Trevor a Tennessean from the south. Together we bring skills and tactics and a tight friendship of three years not seeing each other since. With the money we earn we would like to start up a company making customize controller for hardcore gamers like ourselves. I dont put to much detail into that though because I am really protective of that idea. Thank you for your time and consideration, Darren Centinello

Plan of Action

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