Smart Driving Week

Official Project

The Problem

In my county's school system, a taking one year of a "Wellness" is a graduation requirement. The class talks about everything from infectious diseases to drunk driving. My idea to improve driving in the Memphis area is to have every wellness class have one "Smart Driving Week." Each day, there is a new activity. Day 1 would include "Survivor." The students would play a game that would challenge their knowledge about driving through the form of questions and challenges. Day 2 would include bumper sticker contests. Each bumper sticker would need to include the concept of safer driving. This challenges every student to think about what makes driving safe or unsafe. Day 3 would include something that only some drivers-ed classes do. A movie, such as one from the Red Asphalt collection (, would really show the students how driving can really impact someone's life. One of these movies completely changed my view of driving and definitely has me driving a lot safer. Days 4 and 5 would probably impact many students. On day 4, a speaker would come and talk to the students about their loss of a family member to drunk driving. I feel that many students will be able to see the topic differently when exposed to someone who is not on a television screen. On day 5, a speaker who has killed someone because of drunk driving would come and talk to the students. The speaker would be able to show the students how much pain and guilt that s/he has experienced because of one bad choice. Having many friends that are freshman, I have seen how they will talk about what is going on in their own wellness class. I feel that "Safe Driving Week" will be able to impact the students in such a way that they will want to talk to their friends who drive or who are about to start driving about the decisions that affect so many from behind the wheel. After CPR week, many students were proud to wear a shirt saying they are CPR certified. After "Safe Driving Week", they would be given bumper stickers saying that they are safe drivers.

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