SO RAD [Students Organizing to Raise Awareness for Darfur]

The Problem

In May 2006, I founded an anti-genocide coalition in my home town of San Diego, CA, called Students Organizing to Raise Awareness for Darfur (SO RAD). Our main goal ss, obviously, to raise awareness throughout San Diego of the genocide taking place in Darfur, Sudan. We started speaking at various churches and encouraging signatures for our petitions to Congress and President bush. We also have joined a myriad of campaigns fronted by different non-profit organizations such as the Save Darfur Coalition, the Anti-Genocide Network, and STAND: A Student Anti-Genocide Coalition. These Campaigns include A Time To Protect, A Million Voices for Dafur, Dollars for Darfur, Dream for Darfur, and Eyewitness to Genocide. On September 15th, SO RAD put on a benefit concert at the World Beat Center in San Diego, CA. With the help of the San Diego Music Scene and the World Beat Center, we were able to attract over 400 people to the concert.The lineup consisted of local reggae bands, Tribal Seeds, Rising Roots, Dubshack, Caution, and Coolbreeze. Overall we raised over $2000 which was donated to the Save Darfur Coalition. In addition to fundraising, we also rallied about 300 signatures for each petition, to our Congressional Representative Susan A. Davis and to our Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer. Throughout the night we had various speakers conveying the vitality of the situation in Darfur. We included slideshows, video clips, and advocacy speeches in between sets. Makeda Dread, the founder of the World Beat Center, presented a myriad of ways we would each lend a hand in global affairs. I spoke about each person's ability to take a stand and get your voice heard.We passed out flyers and sold a great deal of merchandise supporting an end to genocide. Our second concert is scheduled for November and we hope it will be equally successful!

Plan of Action

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