Social Perspectives

Official Project

The Problem

Baltimore City is a city that has many disadvantaged youth living there. The graduation rate is very low and the crime rate is extremely high. Attendance is down at schools and there are limited programs to service the great need within the city. Juvenile facilities are overcrowded with youth offenders. We believe that if more youth programs were available, it would reduce the overwhelming amount of youth crime.

Plan of Action

The non profit is entitled Prodigy Youth Services. Our program for middle school students is entitled Social Dynamics. The programs focus on at risk youth with discipline problems in Baltimore City. The program combines components of building social skills, group counseling, peer mediation, team building and review of math and reading skills. The programs show students alternatives to handling problems or issues, other than fighting or exhibiting aggressive behavior. We have run a summer camp program and it was very successful. It was run however with limited resources. We are looking to run a program at the beginning of this school year.

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