Sock It to Us

The Problem

Ever year in my school my Business Management class splits into groups and come up with ideas to run a store. Each group will make and see a product to raise money for a charity or to do something to help the community. We chose this year the money each store raises will go to put care packages together to send to military troops over seas from our school, or if anyone in our class has a family member or friend over seas. Each care package will include a phone card, paper, envelopes, sunscreen, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, hand sanitizer, lotion, sunglasses, disposable camera, and other daily need items. Each group (2 students per group) will come up with ideas for items and through 4 weeks of hard work will organize data as to how much product they will need to see and how much to see it for. We try to get local businesses to donate items we will need so we make more money and don't have to pay for items. Finally the big day comes in December when ever group gets to run their store and compete against other stores. All the profit from each store is put into one big account to be used to purchases items to be used in our care packages. Our target goal is to make about 700 dollars total. The care packages picture is an example of how our packages will look when completed.

Plan of Action

Find a Campaign