Soli Deo Gloria Math Tournament, aka Billy's Math Meet

The Problem

As a member of Georgia's All State Math Team, I hoped to hold the first open math tournament in our county for high school students to compete in math and increase their desire for mathematical knowledge. Because of my state's prohibition on homeschool students being involved with public school groups, I could not work through our local schools. No home school club previously hosted a math tournament since there usually are not enough students to actually field a full team, much less run a tournament. Above all, I wanted to give more rural Georgia schools an opportunity to participate in a quality math tournament, since traveling to north Atlanta where most meets are held is so difficult for them.

Plan of Action

I completely planned, organized, promoted, wrote tests and volunteers' scripts, recruited volunteers, and oversaw a math tournament in my town to attract teams from rural areas as well as metro Atlanta teams. Once I received a large donation for the meet, I was able to secure a location, order materials, and finish writing the test I had started but never thought I would be able to administer.. I was able to recruit my volunteers, including a family from Virginia, as well as recruit competiting teams. The wonderful people who run the state math teachers' organization publicized the meet on their website, as well. 50% of the teams did not normally attend metro area tournaments. Of the 18 schools represented, 9 were schools that rarely or never attend metro events. Out of the students competitng, approximately 51% do not normally attend these events. Schools from as far as 2.5 hours away attended from east and west, as well as 1.5 hours north and south. By including a pizza party lunch, rural students socialized with those from other schools and the math culture of Atlanta spread. I completely realized the dream of including rural schools and increasing interest in math.

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