Southern Nevada Young Women's Collaborative

Official Project

The Problem

Nevada has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the country as well as the highest high school drop-out rate in the country. Given the anything-goes tourist culture in Las Vegas as well as the lack of comprehensive sexuality education in southern Nevada schools, this doesn't seem to be a coincidence. Young women in southern Nevada are given neither the information nor the opportunities they need to protect themselves and their futures.

Plan of Action

The first steps were in learning about different forms of leadership, youth organizing and reproductive justice. I realized that there was a huge lack of information for young women in southern Nevada regarding their personal health, and that there are also very few opportunities for young women to get involved in the reproductive justice movement. I created the Southern Nevada Young Women's Collaborative to reach out to other young women leaders interested in the social justice movement. In order to get young women involved with the project, I've contacted school counselors and administrators as well as other local area organizations. This summer, I will host a summer conference called "Talking Is Power," to bring together young women from around southern Nevada to talk about and take action on women's issues, reproductive health and social justice.

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