Southern Sudan Women's Education Project

The Problem

The Southern Sudan Women’s Education Project is aiming to promote the education of young women and girls in southern Sudan by building a girls’ boarding school that will combine primary and secondary education with American academic curriculum and provide basic recreation and health care as well. The school will also offer adult education classes for the local community. the Women in Sudan particularly in southern Sudan have never had any access to education and human rights in order to exercise their rights either in government or in communities. They have never had a right to go to school with men (priority), eat at the same table, or express their views, or exercise same human rights as their male counterparts. Throughout history in southern Sudan, a woman has never held a leadership position over men. Furthermore, all these inequalities exist not because southern Sudanese men hate women, but it was because of what I call the “intercultural misunderstanding amongst Southern Sudanese societies. young Men such as myself have realized that women should have the same rights as men. So I came up with the idea to Build what I called “The Our Ladies liberty school” it would be the girls boarding School which would combine high and middle School in South Sudan. Our ladies liberty would be the first American private institution ever in the history of Sudan. All the curriculums and administration would be base on the United States educational system. The School is sponsor by the sudanese-American development foundation,Inc.

Plan of Action

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