Spay Day USA

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The Problem

Animal overpopulation and euthanasia of homeless animals. As well as the lack of information in the community about low-cost/subsidized spay and neuter options.

Plan of Action

This program will be modeled on an event that we did last year, in which we raised over $2,000 worth of supplies for local low-cost spay/neuter shelters. We decided to go outside of Wal-Mart and ask people to buy a supply off a list while inside the store. We filled up 11 shopping carts with supplies, and donated it all to our local Humane Society. We would like to do this project again this year, and also have designed fundraiser bumper stickers with the message " A Heartbeat Is A Heartbeat."

Project Updates

We have changed our name from The Kitten Patrol to A Heartbeat is a Heartbeat to reflect the fact that we help all animals. We volunteer 2 Sundays a month at the Rabbitat (Rabbit Sanctuary in Simpsonville SC) and are training to help at Feline Urgent Rescue at Petsmart in Greenville SC. We have designed a bumper sticker to sell to help in our fundraising efforts.

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