The Special Ones

The Problem

Too many people in this world are concerned about how they look on the outside rather than the inside. People not only judge books by their cover these days, but they put those people down who have disabilities, such as autism, because they look different, act differently, or even speak differently, if not at all.

Plan of Action

I have created a website (not fully complete) in order to raise awareness for autism, special needs, cancer, and kids with other disabilities. We need to make the community realize that kids with disabilities shouldn't be judged on how they look, but rather on their inner beauty. We want to raise money for people, mainly kids, who can't help themselves. We also want to educate people through our website about Autism, Special Needs, and Cancer. We want kids helping kids, and we need support. The main idea is that people different from us are not weird, they are simply special, and that's why they are The Special Ones.

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