Spread Awareness: The Tibetan Crisis

The Problem

Tibet, an area that was once an independent country, is currently a part of China. The Tibetan people have been peacefully protesting Chinese rule for over 60 years yet nothing has been done to help them. -The people of Tibet are denied basic human rights; they are imprisoned for no reason, beaten, killed and many simply disappear. -The Chinese government is also ruining the Tibetan culture. To have a job in Tibet, they must speak Chinese, not Tibetan; they cannot practice Tibetan Buddhism or recognize the Dalai Lama as a spiritual leader. Even the temples are being burnt. -The land of Tibet is being destroyed too. There has been extensive deforestation, erosion, poaching, etc. -As the protests continue in Tibet, they have become more extreme. While they still maintain the idea of peaceful protest, there have been more and more people self-immolating (setting themselves on fire) as a way of attracting attention to the issue. Since 2009, there have been 69 confirmed incidents, 5 of which happened on November 7, 2012. The amazing thing is that the majority of the world doesn't know about this. And that is the problem I would like to solve. I want to help to educate the people of the world about the crisis in Tibet.

Plan of Action

-create a blog dedicated specifically to the Tibetan crisis -create flyers and educate the students at my school -post links on Facebook and other commonly used social media websites to information on the Tibetan Crisis -try to contact/convince authorities on the topic to come and speak to my school -continue this campaign in college

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