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The Problem

Art is expression. The process of creating art transforms the artist. Inherent in that process of expression is the necessity to involve others in that transformation. As art has transformed me, I have been inspired to extend the wonder of theatre to children and my peers—to nurture growth in young people through their involvement in the arts. I discovered my passion for theatre when I entered high school, and have relied on the arts to maintain my sense of “self” during this time of transition. I have developed tolerance, self-knowledge, and emotional availability through this artistic journey. Self-doubt has become self-confidence, conformity has become individuality, and apathy a quest for discovery. Theatre provides a portal to the soul—it exposes the intricacies of humanity on a personal level. And so, having been so personally affected by theatre, I have had the opportunity to transfer what I have learned to others. I have worked hard to provide a breadth of experiences to help young people become more involved in theater. In my community I have:  Prepared students for their regional and state Thespian competitions. Participating in such competitions provides students with an opportunity to learn about theatre from experts in the field.  Organized and implemented endeavors to link and integrate my high school’s drama program into the community—for example, collaborating with a local State Park to create their annual Haunted Hayride which serves as a source of funds for the park.  Worked in conjunction with a budding improvisation theatrical company to support their opening weekend’s 48 hour improvisation marathon.  Served as a youth mentor in a local theatre to help young people learn the craft of acting and understand how it can affect their personal growth I have also worked hard to expand and improve the dramatic arts in my high school. When I joined my school’s chapter of the International Thespian Society as a freshman, there were only thirty active members. In my role as publicity officer, I have more than doubled the size of the Society. This has involved:  Publicizing the productions occurring at my high school throughout the community.  Maintaining close ties with newspapers, radio stations, and local businesses to ensure that word of our endeavors circulates.  Establishing ties to other high schools in the area to ensure that our productions are well attended.  Providing venues for students from multiple schools to collaborate in drama—to develop a deeper and more sophisticated appreciation for theatre. In my current role as President of my school’s chapter of the International Thespian Society, I am providing students with a breadth of diverse opportunities to become engaged in drama. In so doing, students are exposed to all aspects of the creative process and all that it means and facilitates in terms of growth and development.

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