Squish Video Games

The Problem

Squish is a kid rock band from Vancouver, WA ages 12-15 years old. They are sending a message to their peers across the United States and playing concerts up and down the West Coast, about the dangers of an anti-sedentary lifestyle. Their song, "Personal Space Invader" is about how their friends are in their basements playing video games or watching t.v and how they want to be free from the t.v and are out playing in the sun, riding bikes, water skiing and doing all these fun activities. To hear this song, go to www.myspace.com/squishrocks They have shared their message with many public schools through concerts and afternoon assemblies as well as playing at the Nike World Headquarters at their "Niketown 5K Walk/Run For Kids". They have a U.S. summer tour planned in 2008, so visit their myspace page and see when they're coming to your city!

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