St. Dominic Savio Academy-a school for children with autism

The Problem

In the Phoenix metro area, there are an incredible number of children with autism spectrum disorders who are not having their needs adequately met in public school. Arizona spends the third lowest amount per child on education in the U.S, and children with autism are no exception. Despite this fact, the Phoenix area is home to an outstanding number of families of children with autism who have relocated for the variety of therapies and non-academic services that Arizona is strong in. Unfortunately, however, these students still need an appropriate school placement where their dignity is upheld and their strengths encouraged.

Plan of Action

In discussing our project with colleagues, friends, and family, we have been met with an incredible amount of support. We have obtained non-profit statust and have assembled a strong advisory board of parents and professionals who have offered their expertise, advice, and time to our efforts thus far. We have begun looking for a suitable location, and have been meeting with churches to find the right place to meet our needs. We have begun to speak with interested families about our plans and goals for the school, confirming what we found in the beginning stages to be a strong community need.

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