Start an Orphanage in Uganda

The Problem

Uganda has approximately 2.3 million orphans (most of which because their parents die of HIV/Aids) and a 3.4% population growth rate, one of the highest in the world. Out of the 27 million people in Uganda, almost 50% are children 14 and under! There is an orphan crisis in this country, and I am willing to sacrifice my life to change it.

Plan of Action

I have connections with multiple ministries and orphanages in Uganda. I plan to start a non profit and raise funds for a year, then pack a bag and leave America for good. I am currently raising $4000 to go to Uganda this summer and work in an orphanage. The issue in Uganda is there are so many children and not enough resources or people who want to help. With $100,000 we could turn the country upside down by building orphanages and renovating current orphanages to give the children better living conditions. I believe that NO child should be without a home, and I am determined to change that in Uganda. Long term I would like to start an Adoption Agency that would make adoption from Uganda easier on the expectant parents. Right now the only thing holding me back from changing the face of Uganda is the time is takes to fund raise.

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