Start School Store

Official Project

The Problem

Beaver Country Day school students have no access to on campus school supplies despite the large demand. Also there needs to be a consistent way to sell the school's promotional items to raise money for its various events such as yearbooks and prom.

Plan of Action

For the last month I have been researching vending machines, contacting the supplying factories, and the sellers and have been negotiating on making a purchase. I have also done market research and have surveyed to find out about many items that the student body would be interested in purchasing. I also have researched about the maintenance of the vending machines that I have considered purchasing. All of the research and negotiating with both the sellers and the school are complete, however I need start up capitol to purchase the machine as well as the items that will be sold. This will require between 3 and 6 thousand dollars. Every little bit counts, so hopefully I will be able to raise at least a fraction of the necessary funds from

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