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The Problem

My school district is partially located in a disintegrating family environment. Looking back on the elementary school I used to attend, I noticed there was a significantly less number of parents involved at the school and in the classrooms. I thought about how helpful and supportive my parents are, and how many moms and dads would constantly volunteer at the school in any way they could when i was still in attendance. In an effort to reconnect the familes with the school and in turn their children, I went to the school's PTA and asked permission to organize and run a fall carnival at my old elementary school. They were very receptive, and with them I planned to have the carnival the same night as a PTA meeting, so the families cold have fun and bond during the carnival, and the parents would have a chance to reconnect with the goings-on at the school. I prepared a variety of activities, including a cake walk, putt putt game, bean bag toss, football throw, and numerous puzzles and easier games for younger children. I made all the games with materials I found in my garage and around the house, and any materials I was lacking were generously donated by the PTA. The carnival was held in October of 2007, and it was a great success. The families thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and most of the parents were able to find a place they could contribute in the school, whether it was volunteering as a teacher's aide, acting as a tutor, or even lending a helping hand in the ever-hectic lunchroom. I am very satisfied that I was able to bring back the pride that Price elementary once had, and break down the boundaries between the school and community.

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