STLF - Students Today Leaders Forever

The Problem

STLF stands for Students Today Leaders Forever. We are a group of optimistic students who engage in servant leadership to create inspiring, positive life experiences. We are a mission-centered nonprofit based in Minneapolis, MN, providing youth programming throughout the Midwest with direct impacts across the country. We are youth-focused and provide opportunities for young people to learn valuable leadership skills and practice service learning in their communities and around the country. STLF started with a simple idea and a small group of committed people with the passion to take action and make a difference. Stemming from a late-night dorm room conversation among four college freshmen at the University of Minnesota, STLF is now a student volunteer-driven 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, dedicated to bettering the world through positive change in youth. In four short years, STLF has contributed over 24,000 hours of service to other nonprofits nationwide. During the 2007-2008 Fiscal Year alone, STLF will have over 1,700 participants, more than its cumulative effort since its founding in September 2003. These young individuals of all ages will all work together to serve over 23,000 hours of service—equaling over 11 years for one full-time person!

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