Stop Bullying, Be kind.

The Problem

I am trying to solve bullying, bullying is getting worse and worse, and recently in my area there have been two suicides both are believed to be because of Bullying, this needs to stop before it gets any worse!

Plan of Action

my plan of action is the following! 1.Do kind things. When you are being kind to people it makes it hard to bully, or ignore bullies. 2.keep eyes open. Look around you and observe, make sure you see when bullying is happening something about it. Talk to a teacher, tell the principle, tell an adult, CALL The COPS, do something to stop the bully. 4. spread the word. Make people know that bullying is wrong, spread the word and give victims support. 5. help victims. Provide support, and provide them a friend, and find them help.

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