Stop Hunger Foundation

Official Project

The Problem

My idea is to initiate an indefinate nationwide canned food drive to help stamp out hunger in America via a collaborative effort between syndicated radio programs, such as The Tom Joyner Morning Show and The Michael Baisden Show, and community religious organizations such as churches, mosques, and synagogues. I think it would be rather simple to spread the word to a large national audience with cooperation from the two talk shows I have mentioned (or similar) and voluntary participation from religios organizations throughout the country. The talk shows' participation would be limited a public awareness campaign which would consist of periodic mention of the program on the air during peak listening hours. The announcement would simply ask listeners to make donations to any religious organization within their community and to check with the orginazation to see if they are participants in the Stop Hunger Foundation Project. The religious organizations' participation would involve the willingness to accept donations of canned foods from anyone who wishes to make a donation during specified hours. The religious organizations would then be required to distribute the donations to needy individuals and families within their community as they see fit.

Plan of Action

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