Street SoulJahz Inc.

The Problem

Street Souljahz Inc. Is a Collaborate effort of five young men seeking refugee in music: Marcus Francis (Dread aka Bones) Chieke Diabete (C-Hustla) Nate Jones (Soulja Street aka Lil Joog) Isaiah Francis (Sagent aka Cutthroat) Jeremy Hickerson (Creeper) We as a group have decided to start our own record label. Down the line we will include the communities in many of our projects. However, first we must serve ourself in establishing a entitie that is respected and recognized by the community. Our immidiate priority is to establish a functional studio. At the moment our equipmemnt consist of Accer 5500 Series Laptop WinXp W/ a Broken Screen Connected to Monitor Sure SM58 Microphone Adobe Audition Compilation of Instrumentals So far we have produced over twenty mix tape songs. C-Hustla has produced one album

Plan of Action

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