Struggling Single/Teen Mom

The Problem

Hi my name is Kiana Durden. I'm a surving product of domestic violence. I am 20 years old, and I have two kids. Teon Isaacs & Zy'mari Isaacs. Like many other teen moms I fave the daoly struggles of becoming a finically stable mom. I am currently a full time college student at ASA College. Im currently renting a room in Brooklyn,NY. My struggle is finding an apartment that is within my price range. Since welcoming a newborn in Oct.2012 the living conditions have gotten hected. I am being asked to move out of my room because of the increase and lack of space. I am staying in a basement apartment, which is not best suitable for a new-born, as it gets cold at night. All i ask is for a lil help so that I can get on my feet to set a strong foundation or me and my children.

Plan of Action

- Find a one bedroom thats suitable for me and my children. Continue on to graduate in July 2013 and start my road to finical stability.

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