Student Activity & Curricular Field

Official Project

The Problem

East Hollywood High is a public high school that lacks in Physical Education. We believe that students should always maintain a healthy physical lifestyle, however our school does not have a field that students can use for physical activity. Many students also enjoy eating lunch outside but there is no grass area for them to eat on, they tend to go on neighboring businesses lawns, in which, the businesses do not welcome. We need a field for our students to have as their own so that we may keep them in shape and not disrupt our neighbors.

Plan of Action

We will first git rid of all the rocks, break down the concrete blocks so that we may dispose of them. Clear and level the ground, then lay down new grass with a sprinkler system. This will have a big impact on our students. They have always wanted a field for themselves so that they wont have to disrupt others. This will also improve our physical education requirements tremendously helping students have a more healthy life. School event such as a school fair can also be held on the field.

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