Student Health Ambassadors - Improving the Diet and Nutrition of the Student Population at Boston Univeristy

Official Project

The Problem

Creating a Healthier Student Population We are a selected group of students at Boston University known as Student Health Ambassadors. Each group member shares the common interest of improving the health and wellness of the Boston University student body. We feel that college nutrtion is an area of health and wellness that is in dire need of improvement at our institution. We have developed a plan of action to target the dietary problems that we feel are most prominant among our fellow peers. The goal of our project is to improve the nutriton of the Boston University student population by creating an interactive display that will include free samples of healthy snacks and foods, and offer nutritonal information in the form of pamphlets, display boards, food models, and proportion size analyses. We have contacted other student and university run groups, and we are attempting to create a unified project that will reach out to entire student popultion.

Plan of Action

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