Students Extending Assistance to Students

The Problem

Students Extending Assistance to Students, Inc. (SEAS) was founded by a group of inspired young individuals whose lives were changed after a service-learning trip to the storm-ravaged Gulf Coast region during the summer of 2006. The mission of SEAS is to alert students nationwide about the ongoing plight of young people facing a myriad of adversities throughout the United States of America, and to inspire them to take action and provide aid to their disadvantaged peers.

Plan of Action

SEAS seeks to ensure that the victims of the Gulf Coast are not neglected. During the past two years, our members have established a network of community leaders and organizations in Louisiana and Mississippi. Through ongoing direct communication with them, SEAS strives to respond promptly to their most pressing needs.

Project Updates

1/23/08-Laura is now working with schools in New Orleans on a music drive, as many school instruments were destroyed during Katrina. Her team is also working on preparing a presentation/media kit that they can send around to different schools, so that they too can get involved with SEAS.

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