Students For Global Health Stroke Rehabilitation Center

The Problem

Students for Global Health (SGH) is made up of a group of students dissatisfied with the deficiencies in our academic experience and determined to change them. We have enlisted the resources of both our peers as well as experienced professionals both locally and abroad. Together, SGH will offer students, like ourselves, the opportunity to learn about and contribute to international development—the development of a greater universal quality of healthcare for humans around the world. As our first project, SGH is focusing on tackling the severe deficiency in adult, specifically stroke-related, rehabilitative care in Malaysia. As a leading cause of adult mortality and the number one cause of adult disability in Malaysia, The outcome for patients of conditions such as stroke is still extremely unfavorable—in Malaysia, 37% of all cases result in mortality, and the majority of survivors are left severely debilitated both mentally and physically. The proportion of survivors that undergo successful rehabilitation in developed nations is several orders in magnitude greater than those in developing countries. Among other conditions,stroke serves as a prime example of the current discrepancy in healthcare rehabilitation between first-world nations and developing regions. These conditions are common for all debilitating conditions and afflict a large proportion of the south-east Asian community. As a result, through fundraising efforts both locally and internationally, SGH has developed community-led outpatient rehabilitation facilities that stimulate student & community volunterism - hopefully the first of many. Rehabilitation conditions in Malaysia and the rest of south-east are already improving, but are still sorely inadequate without further support from SGH.

Plan of Action

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