Students Overcoming Suicide (SOS)

The Problem

Our mission at SOS is to prevent and raise awareness about teenage suicide in the place where teens are most reachable; schools.. Through SOS, our goal is to reach out to those in need, and offer hope to those who would otherwise have nowhere else to turn. In doing so, we want to show that nobody is truly alone in this world, no matter how bad it may seem. SOS aims to bring teens together in an attempt to unite and overcome feelings of despair, isolation, and hopelessness. Teen suicide can no longer be a taboo subject. If nobody is willing to bring it to the forefront, nothing can be done. SOS ultimately wants to break that silence, and in the process, eliminate teen suicide all together, because even one more suicide is another wasted life too many. In the future, SOS plans to have benefit concerts and shows to raise money for AFSP, start a 24 hour hotline for teens in crisis, and plan a school tour with guest speakers and special projects for high schoolers. We need volunteers, bands, and guest speakers!

Plan of Action

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