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People are always preaching of the bad effects that the sun has; such as melanoma. But what about the good affects that it has on us. When we get adequate amounts of sun our pituitary gland along with other organs of your endocrine system such as your thyroid gland help us to feel our best. Our pituitary gland has a hormone that controls the thyroid called the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone or TSH. TSH controls your thyroid and how active it is and how much of the hormone Thyroxin (T4) is released. T4 increase the rate of energy released from carbohydrates, increases the rate of protein synthesis, accelerates growth, and stimulates activity in the nervous system. We do not realize how much endocrine system affects our body. If our pituitary gland is off it can cause a number of things to happen such that we may be tired, anxious, nervous, or depressed because we do not have the energy our body needs. It will not send the TSH to the thyroid to have the T4 released to give us energy. So if we get enough adequate sun from the sun or from tanning along with a well balanced diet and the exercise of our choice from walking with friends. or yoga and palates, we will begin to feel better about ourselves and lose weight. When we are getting sun we have to take the safety precautions and use sunscreen and protective eye wear to prevent melanoma and damage to eyes.

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