Sustaining Our World, Saving Ourselves

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The Problem

Sustaining Our World, Saving Ourselves (SOWSO) is a project that utilizes sustainability and holistic definitions of environmentalism as the theoretical fulcrum for changing our communities through education about recycling, human development, seeing youth as agents of change, and building social networks in improving our standard living conditions. The recent selection of former Vice President Al Gore as a Nobel Prize winner has broken through a barrier of silence and highlighted the imminent dangers that unreflective production and accumulation has had on our country and planet. SOWSO seeks to address these issues by educating communities through teen volunteer projects that hold environmental development at its center. Recycling is more than just fossil fuels or raw materials; sustainability demands that we see our communities and each human being as an invaluable resource to be developed and counted instead of being exploited and cast aside. We must renew our own human capital in conjunction with revitalizing other forms of capital and resources. SOWSO has several youth-led activities which involve fun facts, and strategic games which educate and engage participants in actually becoming developers of a sustainable environment which incorporates all elements necessary for a balanced social, political, and agrictultural ecology. At the forefront is the push for citizens to participate in their own local, civic, federal, and global empowerment in collective action. SOWSO was initiated at the beginning of March 2008 and will continue through until December 2008.

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