Swim St. Augustine

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The Problem

Living in an ocean front community, we hear about numerous youth drownings under various circumstances. One that really opened our eyes was a child who drowned under the supervision of a lifeguard. As a combined service project, we are working to provide a free swimming lesson program to underprivileged elementary school children. The program will teach the fundamentals of swimming, water safety, and survival. The lessons will be given 2 times a week for 5 weeks. While we are trying to provide a free program, we are having issues acquiring a pool to use for free. At the end of the project, we will be hosting an awards banquet/ pool party to those who have participated. We hope that this project will reduce the number of youth drownings that we see locally, as well as give the local youth confidence when around water. In addition to the lessons, we will be creating a activity work book that will be given to all elementary students, regardless of participation in the program. This will cover basic water safety and survival in a fun way. Encouraging the students to use safety precautions when around our local beaches or pools is the purpose and hopefully will make an impact. We will try our best to make this program continuous throughout the years, increasing its success, possibly through the public school physical education system.

Plan of Action

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