T Shirt sales

The Problem

We are trying to give families helping a loved one fight childhood cancer a good christmas

Plan of Action

We are having a T shirt sale, selling a shirt that is light blue. We are also selling 4 different stuffed animals. We are educating the people who buy our shirts or stuffed animals on childhood cancer. Our proceeds go to the Ronald Mc Donald House in the community and a

Project Updates

We are still working on the same project and decided to make it ongoing. As of right now, we are not sure who we wil donate to, and I will explain why. It was the job of other members to contact the organizations for permission to use their names in our fundraisers so that nothing happened and no problems would come up. When we found out that that had not been done, our project went on a standstill, but during that time, we had the chance to look at our project and make it a little bit better by moving some things around. We are still working on getting in more members.

The tough part is making sure that we don't just get members from one town. This is the Rio Grande Valley Do Something Club, and we have that name for a reason. We want young members of society from all over the valley to work together in this club. Our goal is to unite people who may never meet but all want to help out their community in some way.

While we were in a sort of a standstill, the original members of the club (about four girls) learned of other problems other groups were going through.

Since the last update, the girls nominated my mom for an adult leader and representative, and she was very surprised that the girls even thought of her.
One thing that my mom suggested is that we impact in another way. Some cities nearby are really taking their green living to the next step by banning plastic bags and pushing forward reusible bags.

My mother brought up how this place nearby one of those towns took care of my grandfather during his last days free of charge for us. They work only through donations and strictly not-for-profit. These people were the nicest caretakers I've ever seen take care of my grandpa, so when mom brought it up, I decided that I really would like to see if we can get donations for them too, if the rest of the members are okay with it.

This place doesn't ask for money, so much as they ask for donations for things we use every day, like toilet paper, cleaning supplies and paper towels. They also have bird feeders so that the patients who are well enough can enjoy the sparrows-and ducks. Hopefully there will be more news.

In addition, we are now on facebook, so please follow us.

With great hopes,

Alyssa Coy______ Member and student leader

Ana Martinez______ Member and Officer

We will be donating to the Ronald Mc Donald House Charities as well as the Vannie E. Cook Jr. Children's cancer and Hematology Clinic in Mc Allen Texas. We are accepting any donations, send a money order/check to Vannie E.Cook Jr. Children's cancer clinic. On the memo put down RGV Do Something Club if you donate additional money.

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