TAC Medical Society

The Problem

The Thomas Aquinas College (TAC) Medical Society is a new organization for pre-medical, pre-dental, and pre-nursing students at Thomas Aquinas College. The College's curriculum is a strong liberal arts program, and pre-health students, like us, choose it as their undergraduate education because professional schools, like medical schools and nursing programs, have seen liberal arts students excel as caregivers. But TAC's fixed, four-year program makes it difficult for us to compete for medical, or dental, or nursing schools.

Plan of Action

In its second year, the TAC Medical society will have a place in the school newspaper to fill with articles twice each month--with two new deadlines to meet each month, we hope to stimulate constant though about the role of the caregiver and about health issues. In addition, we are ready start a lecture series by people in various health fields--our first talk will be by a pharmacy technician.

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