Tae Kwon Do Immersion Camp

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The Problem

On June 21st, 2008, we will have a very FUN and EXCITING Tae Kwon Do immersion camp for area youth at our local do jang, "The Leadership Academy". We are located in Northern Wisconsin, where we spend about 60% of our calendar year with several inches (or feet) of snow on the ground. It is very important to keep our youth motivated and aware of their own fitness, especially when there is a majority of the year when they are limited with outdoor activities! We find this grant opportunity as a wonderful motivator to involve area youth in a 24 hour TKD immersion camp where they will not only learn about the kicking and punching of the martial arts, but will also learn the traditional teachings of TKD, which include respect, self-discipline, commitment, and focus....just to name a few! We will take this time to help area youth understand that only they are the champions of their own health and wellbeing! We will also motivate them to become involved in community projects and "random acts of kindness" that have a positive impact on fellow community members. They will be encouraged to work as a team, and meet new people, while having a GREAT time exercising and learning about their fitness potential!

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