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The Problem

Last year I completed a report for my teacher about the effects of deforestation on the world. I was absolutely shocked at how harmful this was and I knew I had to do something to try to change this. I brainstormed with my mom and some other kids about ways to make a difference. We started making items that are sold to raise money to plant trees. The idea really took off and I realized how many people had no idea that our precious forests were being destroyed and how it was changing the Earth in so many ways. I helped create a kit to help teachers teach other kids about this issue. We also have written a children's book that helps little kids understand the importance of trees. We now have several items that are made from things that would have ended up in the landfills. Kids seem to love the idea. This project has raised awareness about all kinds of environmental issues since most of these issues are linked together. A few schools have decided to make crucial changes in how they do things because of this project and my goal is to help as many schools do this as possible.We will create Earth-friendly items for you to use for a fundraiser at your school and you can use the profits to make your school a better, greener place.

Plan of Action

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